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Hussein Chalayan Exhibition

A definite date for the diary this September is a solo exhibition from British designer Hussein Chalayan at the Lisson Gallery (Sept 08-Oct 02, 2010). A truly inspiring designer in a sea of typical catwalk looks; Chalayan pushes boundaries and his avant garde pieces could never be seen as clothes for the sake of clothes, they are always vehicles for his challenging and interesting concepts. An exhibition at an art gallery is perfect for Chalayan whose catwalk shows are often more reminiscent of art installations.

They combine incredible artistic concepts with amazing technological ideas and result in one-of-a-kind pieces that would be much more at home in an exhibition space than ever on the high street. Highlights from the designer’s prolific career include the wooden skirt which transforms into a coffee table from his A/W 2000 collection.

Also his spring 2007 bubble dress comprised of lots of plastic bubbles roughly resembling a mini-dress recently copied by Lady GaGa on her Fame Ball tour.

We can’t wait to see what the designer has up his sleeve for this gallery show.

Hussein Chalayan at the Lisson Gallery, NW1, Sept 08-Oct 02 2010.

Images: style.com, nymag.com 


Ale, Ale, Alejandro

As you all know at Fashaddict we love Gaga, we just can’t get enough.

My drive to work every morning is very predictable, I sit in traffic singing away to a bit of Gaga and I’m sure the other drivers are doing the same.

I love her new single Alejandro; I heard the song before seeing the video. Now don’t get me wrong I never imagined Gaga walking down a sandy beach wearing a simple white dress because that would be just wrong. However I did expect something a bit brighter than this video.

1 Lady Gaga Alejandro

It starts with some very attractive men marching towards us and Gaga wearing her typical iconic costumes which we love. It does turn into a bit of a vogue moment which screams Madonna, we see a saving private Ryan scene but the icing on the cake is when there is a burial of a heart with barbed wire entangled and nail through it. Gaga is dressed in a rubber nun outfit where she is deep throating some rosary beads but wait there’s more she also is dressed in another rubber crusader outfit with an inverted cross at the crutch.

3 Lady Gaga Alejandro

6 Lady Gaga Alejandro

5 Lady Gaga Alejandro

We see more of Madonna iconography as the video goes on, when Gaga wears a machine gun bra, reminiscent of Madonna’s pointy bra and Gaga riding the sexy men we saw earlier who now appear to be wearing stilettos.

10 Lady Gaga Alejandro

Wow with all that jam packed into a video the question isn’t who will be offended by the video but more who won’t be.

Catholic’s won’t be amused by this video which makes Madonna’s ‘Like and Prayer’ seem like a Church anthem in comparison. Gaga fans will either love it or think like me that it seems like a copy of Madonna and we don’t want that we want all Gaga, she’s all about originality and this is a slight let down.

Anyway put all that aside I still love to sing along to this song in the car on my way to work and that won’t change in a hurry so even though the video is questionable but brilliant in terms of cinematography the single gets 10 out of 10 from me.

13 Lady Gaga Alejandro

FashAddict’s obsession with Lady GaGa’s Birkins

Lady GaGa has yet again surprised fashionistas across the globe with another defaced Hermes Birkin bag. After scribbling all over her white leather bag with artist Terrence Koh, Gaga was photographed at London’s Heathrow airport with a black leather version covered in spikes and studs. As well as the bag, GaGa wore leather skinny fitted trousers and platform heels, awaiting to board a transatlantic flight to New York on a hot summer’s day.


We can only wonder what eccentric designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, who is leaving Hermes, would think of GaGa’s customisation, after all GaGa notably takes inspiration from his costume designs for a young Madonna. As for FashAddict, we can’t wait for what time will bring, maybe even a faux-blood covered Birkin a la GaGa’s VMA performance?


Photos: Matrix Photos, GagaDaily.

Lobulo Design : Paper-Cut Illustration

We love a bit of Lady Gaga here on Fash Addict, so imagine our glee at stumbling upon this awesome paper-cut illustration of Lady G for Rocket magazine. This is fits in so well with Ms Gaga’s already visionary persona.

Insane right? Lobulo Design, is a Barcelona based graphic design studio, and they’re behind these works of art. They also had some more similar illustrations which were just as amazing.

source: http://www.lobulodesign.com

Lady Gaga’s Inky Birkin

Lady Gaga landed at New Tokyo International Airport in what first appears to be a relatively understated outfit to the untrained eye, however as many fashionistas will notice, Gaga is carrying none other than the queen of all handbags; The Hermes Birkin, which notoriously has a five-year waiting list and is priced at approximately £5,000.

The singer, who refers to her fans as her little monsters, has defaced the legendary bag with words from Japanese alphabet of Kantakana translating to “I Love small monster, Tokyo Love”. To add more to the drama she seems to be still holding the offending pen as she leaves the airport, will somebody please call the fashion police!

Put your hands where I can see them

Nicola Formichetti, also known as the creative director of Dazed & Confused and of more recent, Lady Gaga’s stylist, told French quarterly magazine WAD that as a youth he not only shoplifted from Vivienne Westwood’s London store, but also went through stalked Alexander McQueen and searched his bin bags.

“I was the biggest Vivienne Westwood fan. So I started working at her store. I used to steal a lot of things there. One day, the manager told me, ‘People have been stealing. We now have to check everyone before the leave the store.’ That day, I had a bag full of accessories. So I threw it into the bin. My plan was to wait for the cleaning lady to throw the bins outside, and then to retrieve the bag. She came 30 minutes after closing. And just when I was ransacking the bins, I saw my manager watching me. He started yelling: ‘You will never work here again.’”

Gaga vs Beyonce- Who You Gonna Call?

So it has been the absolute talk of the town, the music video, or should we say mini-movie, for Lady Gaga and Beyonce‘s collaboration ‘Telephone’. To be honest, it’s a bit like a f*cked up comic strip come to life; with a strong dose of shameless advertising, bizarre fashion (fag glasses anyone?) and lesbian innuendo. And Gaga, we understand that you want to show the world you’re not a man, but we really don’t need to see your lady bits, thanks.

Yet despite all of this, and the amount of time spent thinking, ‘err, what?!’ it’s actually pretty fantastic. Definitely worth a watch. Love her or loathe her, you can’t help but be fascinated by the empire of Gaga. Just one thing, Beyonce looks way hotter, yes we said it. Thoughts anyone?