Mags & Pye Boutique
164 Brick Lane, E1 5LX



The Laden Showroom, London

Delta, Tokyo

Arnotts Department Store, Dublin

LF Stores, US

2 responses to “STOCKISTS

  1. Hi,

    I’m looking for a Mags & Pye dress that a news reporter from Los Angeles wore last Wed. I have the picture on my phone but don’t know how to forward it to you. It is for sure by Mags & Pye. Can you either call me or email me back. Do you still have your summer dresses?


  2. Hello , I was once in your shop in bricklane , and I want to buy a pair of shoes which is in pink color and the sales said its call “gelly”. Today, when I come back , they said it had already sold out, wanna ask if it possible for me to buy one from your company ??
    I got the photo from my phone but dunno how to send it to you;( if it’s possible , plx email me 😉

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