Staying Cool in NY

Back in New York after a bit of a holiday, I found these stylish kids around town wearing their colors proud for the US of A’s Independence Day. Staying cool during the heatwave, I escaped for an afternoon ice cream at Lula’s, a must-stop for any visitor, and came across these amazing mitten-like shoes purchased in Tokyo. The perfect touch to complete the weekend’s “red white and blue” theme.


How to wear: Safari Shorts

Here’s our very own Fiona giving styling tips on how to work a pair of Va Vizuri Safari Shorts!

Everything included in this video is available both online and in store at the Mags & Pye Boutique


“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky…”

Title quote from Said by Coco Chanel, 1883-1971, who ruled over Parisian Haute Couture for almost six decades.

Now and again we stumble across some fashion that is truly breathtaking; something that is not confined to the current trends of the high street or high fashion. Something so beautiful it is not subject to the bubble up effect of the street or trickle down effect of the catwalk for it could never be reproduced, a pure fantastical figment of the designers imagination come to life in one collection, and one collection only. It does not adhere to a set of rules of how to sell clothes in a failing economy, which, only too often, steal the spontaneity and creativity from clothes and replace them with words such as ‘wearable’, ‘versatile’, ‘trans-seasonal’. Couture is the one place this decadence and pure unadulterated excess still exists. The Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy Couture show for A/W 10, overwhelming in its detail, was one of those moments.

The collection’s dream-like quality is enhanced as it is seemingly impossible to ever be worn, first due to the weight of the garments so heavily embellished and secondly as this would mean someone would have actually had to of bought it. Comprised of degrade ostrich feathers, baboon fur, porcelain, silk duchess satin, pearls, Swarovski crystals and gold paillettes, how would a price ever be able to be put on such a dress?

Ricardo Tisci “claimed his inspiration was Frida Kahlo and her three obsessions: religion, sensuality, and, given the painter’s lifelong battle with spinal pain, the human anatomy.”

But instead of appearing somber the collection is delicate and romantic, if not a little bit intense. These are the dresses that keep fashion alive and remind us that, whatever our budgets, a girl can always afford to dream.  


How to wear: Hareem Trousers

FashAddicts Fiona gives styling tips on how to wear Story of Lola Hareem Trousers.

All items featured are available on the website and in the Mags & Pye Boutique.


Art to make your head Tilt!

On the first of July, the FashAddict crew headed down to the launch party of the three day Tilt exhibition at the Red Gallery on Rivington Street, East London.

The exhibition showcased contemporary art by the likes of; Tinhead, Lee Washington and Ross Adams. There was also a special selection of Black Eyewear on show for all those Retro spectacle lovers!  

Trend Fix: Dressing-up Box


For all those of you, who are already tiring of the flimsy nature of summer dressing and yearning for something with a bit more substance, look no further than the latest collection from innovative duo, Meadham Kirchoff for A/W10. An eye-watering amalgamation of sequins, glitter, costume jewellery, crowns and veils this dressing-up box approach to outfit building is truly creative and inspiring and set to be an under-the-radar-trend for next season. Focusing on layering, bright colour, and heavy embellishment and accessorising to the max, the collection is the perfect antidote to this season’s simplicity and pared down silhouettes. The collection is based on a “documentary tracing Romany culture and its links from India through to Spain”. Become a magpie and use your own travels this summer as your starting point, your body as your canvas, and your imagination as your stylist and create your own truly original dressing-up box style come autumn.


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Hi Girls The Big Swish is back in London!

What’s swishing? Some of you may ask….

Well you swap any designer clothes you currently own with like-minded fashionistas.

You bring nice, clean, presentable clothes that are lurking unloved in your wardrobe, and other girls fall in love with them and give them a good home. You might bring one sweater and take two pairs of shoes, or hang a party frock on the ‘Swishing Rail’ and take a pair of skinny jeans and feather boa.

There’s a swishing party happening right here in London on Saturday 10th July @ Platform Bar, 55-58 Tooley Street, London Bridge .

Clothes drop off: 12.00 – 13:30
VIP Swish Entry: 13:55 (Golden VIP)
General Swish Entry: 14:00

General Entry: £5.00

Golden VIP Ticket: £20.00
This ticket comes with a goody bag, annual membership to (valued at £12.00), and a five minute head start at the Swish. Only 25 tickets are available so grab yours now while you can.

Check your wardrobe for good condition clothes (up to 15 and on a hangers would be fantastic) accessories and shoes and bring them to Platform during the clothes drop off slot.

You will be given a Swish token for every item that is approved for The BIG Swish™, and each Swish token entitles you to take one item from the rails. However, if you just can’t help yourself and fall in love with more clothes than you’re allowed, then you can make a minimum donation of £2.50. If you don’t find as many items as you donated, there’s no need to fret. Any clothing left at the end of the event will be donated to Cancer Research.

It’s all for a good cause, head to
To purchase your ticket or alternately you can pay £7.50 on the door (No VIP tickets available on the door).

Check out the website for more info