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We LOVE it!


Love magazine that is! The chunky glossy is full of fashion & fame with the 2nd isuue named ‘The Young and the Reckless’. It’s a special under 21s edition featuring the coolest ‘kids’ around including, Pixie Geldof, Taylor Momsen, skins star Kaya Scodelario, Kristen Stewart and Hugh Hefner’s handsome sons! Not to mention pages upon pages of fabulous fashion…our favourite being the pictures from the ‘Bloodline’ shoot which focuses on children of the night; ordinary kids living extraordinary lives….check it out!


The other half of the most ridiculously good looking couple in fiction…

On a wander around Chelsea on a sunny Friday afternoon, the cover of Dazed & Confused caught my eye in the window of Borders, the drop dead gorgeous one from Twilight…nope not Robert Pattinson, his co-star Kristen Stewart ; I hadn’t noticed the beauty of this girl before! Maybe it’s just due to my growing obsession with the Twilight books/film but she needs to get as much credit as Pattinson does…and I think thats exactly whats gonna’ happen! I guess we have Dazed to thank for this….


And if that doesn’t make you quite jealous enough, lets remind ourselfs who her ‘on screen’ boyfriend is….


She also has a rather enviable style too …


And last but not least, if your as big a Twilight fan as we are, here is the designer Monique lhuillie’s impression of how Bella’s wedding dress would look…


Undercover: The Evolution of Underwear the current exhibition on at the Fashion & Textile museum until September 27. It takes us through a journey of our under-garments; from shape definers to fashion must-haves and how they have evolved alongside the changes in society over the years. There are some very important pieces on show including ones from Christian Dior, Elle Macpherson, Wonderbra, La Perla, M&S, Triumph, an original Merry Widow corset, a gown made entirely by bras and briefs and a swarovski encrusted La Perla bra! Ladies it’s time to celebrate those curves ( without sounding too much like Gok Wan here…) and head down to the Fashion & Textile museum for a ‘sneaky peak’ !



FashAddict website set to launch VERY soon!

We are working towards last minute details for our website’s new launch where you Fashaddict’s can buy from our 5 brands online…Duke & Duchess, Va Vizuri, Chandelier, To Love Kuvaa and Mags & Pye! We will be sure to let you know as soon as it is about to launch so keep posted!!          coming soon!

‘We’ve just been Ranked’….

Just back from a trip round the corner to the Old Truman Brewery to check out Rankin Live. WOW….I can’t believe I didn’t go sooner but how glad am I that I went?! If you have not seen it for yourselves yet …I suggest you must! Rankin is very well known for his raw edge to photography, whether its fashion or a portrait each picture is full of personality and life, no matter what the subject is, Rankin captures the essence perfectly. He captures a wide variety of people through his lens including the Queen, Debbie Harry, Britney Spears, his wife & son, Courtney Love and his favourites Kate Moss and Heidi Klum to name a few. We love Rankin!


the queen by rankinkate-moss-rankin-exhibit

Unfortunately we couldn’t take photos in the gallery but we got these from the very reliable!

The 2009 Vice Magazine Exhibition…but you must hurry!


We have only just come across the info of Vice magazine’s photography exhibition going on near our studio…and it’s only on until Wednesday so we thought we must share this with the rest of you FashAddicts! The exhibition is at The Printspace on Kingsland Road with photography shown from their 2009 Vice photo issue, it’s definately a must see if you have time between now and mid-week!


One of our team gets ‘ StreetPeep’d ‘

paz copy

Picture from the streetpeeper website

Here is our Mags & Pye Boutique manager Paz looking as cool as always, not only is he super stylish hes ALWAYS so upbeat and fun to be around….there is never a dull moment around our dear friend Paz! If your ever feeling down and your in the area, pop in and visit our very welcoming Paz 🙂 Loving the Nikes by the way….