Today as I was listening to the radio I heard there was a bikini that has a bottle opener attached. I laughed and imagined what on earth that would look like. It’s obviously for couples, could you imagine a random guy coming up to you and popping the lid off his beer? He would get a slap!

That said these bikini’s look really nice, I’d say go on girls go out and buy one especially if you gotta guy he will really love it.

They available at


Harrods sales staff have the chance to gain a degree in sales while they are at work

Just another element of multi-tasking, employees of Harrods can now get a BA (HONS) Sales Degree exclusively at Harrods.

It’s a 24 month course with modules on human behaviour, psychology and business enterprise.

The degree is free with no tuition costs and lectures will take place during normal working hours and to me that sounds like the best bit.

So if any of you out there are thinking about spending thousands to go university try getting into Harrods, get a degree free, get paid all at the same time and maybe you might learn something about shopping psychology, product knowledge and all that jazz.


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