Ale, Ale, Alejandro

As you all know at Fashaddict we love Gaga, we just can’t get enough.

My drive to work every morning is very predictable, I sit in traffic singing away to a bit of Gaga and I’m sure the other drivers are doing the same.

I love her new single Alejandro; I heard the song before seeing the video. Now don’t get me wrong I never imagined Gaga walking down a sandy beach wearing a simple white dress because that would be just wrong. However I did expect something a bit brighter than this video.

1 Lady Gaga Alejandro

It starts with some very attractive men marching towards us and Gaga wearing her typical iconic costumes which we love. It does turn into a bit of a vogue moment which screams Madonna, we see a saving private Ryan scene but the icing on the cake is when there is a burial of a heart with barbed wire entangled and nail through it. Gaga is dressed in a rubber nun outfit where she is deep throating some rosary beads but wait there’s more she also is dressed in another rubber crusader outfit with an inverted cross at the crutch.

3 Lady Gaga Alejandro

6 Lady Gaga Alejandro

5 Lady Gaga Alejandro

We see more of Madonna iconography as the video goes on, when Gaga wears a machine gun bra, reminiscent of Madonna’s pointy bra and Gaga riding the sexy men we saw earlier who now appear to be wearing stilettos.

10 Lady Gaga Alejandro

Wow with all that jam packed into a video the question isn’t who will be offended by the video but more who won’t be.

Catholic’s won’t be amused by this video which makes Madonna’s ‘Like and Prayer’ seem like a Church anthem in comparison. Gaga fans will either love it or think like me that it seems like a copy of Madonna and we don’t want that we want all Gaga, she’s all about originality and this is a slight let down.

Anyway put all that aside I still love to sing along to this song in the car on my way to work and that won’t change in a hurry so even though the video is questionable but brilliant in terms of cinematography the single gets 10 out of 10 from me.

13 Lady Gaga Alejandro


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