Sell Me Candy

Louis Vuitton has just opened its brand new emporium on Bond Street and, as it seems Victoria Beckham and Rhianna both have, we will be running straight to the hand bag section; for there resides this season’s most delightful array of mouth-watering arm candy.

Candy could just be the theme behind the pastel confections that Marc Jacobs sent down the runway for S/S 10, stealing the attention away from the clothes. In his own words the collection was “about travelers—the movement that came after punk. Then we were thinking about hiking, trekking, and then denim and parkas—city utilitarianism” and this eclectic mix was nowhere better summarized than in the accessories. Sugary sweet shades on soft leather are fashioned into practical duffle bags and messengers all embossed with the brands infamous monogram. Once embellished with toggles, tassels and even tails as the fur dangling from the ‘Sunrise’ bag illustrates, these beauties become less functional more fantastical!




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