Sex and the City 2

At last it’s here girls, long awaited, we all want to know…….What happened next??

Sex and the City 2 is just around the corner and the fashion looks more fabulous than I could even imagine.

We are whisked away to New York accompanied by the voice of Alicia Keys and Jay Z’s ‘Empire State of Mind’ and from then on we are taken by the fashion gods and guided through Carey’s wardrobe of fabulousness. We all envy her wardrobe which is 3 times the size because now she’s shacked up with BIG. But there’s trouble a foot because BIG has turned into the kind of husband that prefers to snuggle rather than sip crystal whilst socialising with the Jones’s. This doesn’t sit right with Carey and she’s beginning to wonder.

Skip a few chapters and the girl’s jet off to Abu Dhabi all expenses paid of course, this doesn’t stop the fashion parade, you see sequins, glitter, gold, sparkle and wonder. This is a lesson to us all, just because you’re in the desert doesn’t mean you can’t look like a million dollars.

There has to be a classic outfit of Carey’s that will be remembered and the movie doesn’t disappoint. Carey is roaming around a souk in a J’Adore Dior t-shirt and purple ball gown skirt as you do. And in this beauty of an outfit who is she going to bump into?? Aidan of course!!!

There’s more splashes of greatness like the gayest wedding on the planet (marvellous darling) and fashion tragic 80’s flash backs, which I’m sure add humour to the movie.

Above all it gets my vote and I’ve already picked out my out fit I’m wearing to the cinema. Even though I’m sitting in the dark I still got to try and be a fashionista.


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