Blake on the Beach

22-year-old Blake Lively, aka Serena van der Woodsen, sports the wet look on the June edition of American Vogue, photographed by the notable Mario Testino. The blonde actress, whose enviable locks are soaked on the cover, has a rather unexpected accessory throughout the shoot, a surfboard. But not to worry, the assisting article, written by Hamish Bowles (European editor-at-large) focuses on his and Blake’s adventures into learning how to surf.

Although she may seem surprisingly young to be a Vogue cover star, this isn’t the first time. A 21-year-old miss Lively graced the February 2009 issue looking more old school Hollywood glamour than California beach babe. Either way she looks amazing on both og the covers.

Both covers look very Vogue-y in that high budget kind of way, a far cry from the Rolling Stones cover featuring Leighton Meester and Blake photographed by the infamous Terry Richardson.

Photos: Vogue, Rolling Stones


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