Millon Dollar Bill Question?

Here’s a million dollar bill question for you, has Whitney Houston forgotten how to sing?

Ask the thousands of disgruntled fans who forked over their hard earned cash to watch a shabby Houston perform a shoddy line up of songs that she was obviously struggling to get through.

The classic I Will Always Love You, which has been notoriously used at weddings as the first dance between the newlyweds was abandoned halfway through and her hit song The Greatest Love Of All was ditched just a few lines in.

Clearly she isn’t cut out for singing anymore however she did try and double up as a preacher asking the audience ‘Do you love God? You’re only going to get this if you love God.’ This is correct in a way because it will take one of God’s miracles to make anyone believe that they are listening and watching good old Whitney prior to drugs.

Today I saw advertised half price tickets, don’t all run off to the ticket office at once.


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