Ungaro Fiasco

Many of you will have sat, on your way home, reading the article feature in ES magazine last friday about the fall of the house of Ungaro. Ungaro, once a prolific and successful couture house, known for flamboyant and colourful designs, who’s sales started to decrease during the 90s when minimalism (think Jil Sander) and grunge were at their peak.  Well…it has now been revealed that the failing design house will be hiring a  new ‘real, qualified designer with experience in high fashion’.

The revelation comes after a line of young designers and celebrities have attempted to live up to the world of high fashion, most notably Lindsay Lohan who attracted headline, but all of the wrong ones. Now, none other than London’s own Giles Deacon has been seen dining with Asim Abdullah, the owner of Ungaro.

Who knows who will replace who, but here’s hoping  that they’re not shadowed by the curse of Ungaro.

Photos: Elle.co.uk, Pierre Verdy/AFP/Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment


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