No, no, no – TAKE IT AGAIN!

How many times have you said that to your friends on a night out, whom in their drunken glory, attempt to take a half-decent shot of you posing in your newest outfit, in the knowledge that it has potential to become your latest Facebook profile picture? It’s Friday night & after the fourth ‘view & delete’ on your 8.1 megapixel Lumix…you’re slightly bummed that you don’t look as ferocious as you hoped in your jumpsuit.
Why not take it old school? Let me introduce to a friend of mine…

Diana F+ with Flash

Her name is Diana and she comes from a camera family called Lomography who were huge in the 60’s, because they provided the user with dreamy, lo-fi images. Radical, non?
There has been a huge resurgence in Lomo cameras, and you may have come across some ‘fish eye’ images (simply a variation of the lens). The Diana, is just one of many Lomo cameras available and picking and choosing the extra attachments is all part of the fun. The majority of the cameras take medium-format film, and you know what that means – indulging in good old film processing…sounds so ancient. You may fancy a huge blue line darting across your image, that is where the Splitzer comes in, or how about adding a flash which comes with coloured gels for a varied effect on the images you take. The possibilities are endless, oh and did I forget to mention how cool you will look when your profile picture looks waaay more hip than your friends?

Fierce! courtesy of

Visit for more information.


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