Teen Kloss Covers Teen Vogue

A model on the cover of  Teen Vogue is as rare as an Hermes bag under £1000, it is because of this scarcity that Karlie Kloss’ May 2010 cover is as surprising as her aspirations to go to medical school. Last year the 17-year-old travelled 150,000 air miles and walked for almost every designer during the international fashion week, but Karlie is still the Karlie known to her family and friends in St. Louis.

Kloss wears Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2010

When attending fittings she is always accompanied by an adult and last year she took her english teacher along with her to the Paris couture shows. As for boys, there’s only one that she would like to get her paws onto: Tom Brady, hot property of fellow supermodel Gisele Bundchen, “If Tom Brady ever becomes single, or if he has a brother, or someone Tom Brady-ish . .”,  “Just don’t tell Gisele.”

Photos courtesy of Teen Vogue.


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