Gwyneth Paltrow British Vogue May 2010

The time of the month has come, British Vogue has released its May issue, which this year features Gwyneth Paltrow looking au natural and surprisingly un-retouched. Vogue, one of photoshop’s biggest fans, has steered away from their typical mould of airbrushing the imperfections of their celebrity cover stars.

The cover which was photographed by Mario Testino contrasts greatly with Gwyneth’s May 2008 American Vogue cover, which exhibits her with flawless pale skin and super-slim arms. Could this be a battle of Vogues between Anna and Alex? We can only guess who will win this war…

2 responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow British Vogue May 2010

  1. Haroon Qureshi

    she shouldn’t have gone au natural for the close-up, homegirl needs her photoshop!

  2. I think she looks better without the photoshop, she looks too pale and skinny on the American Vogue cover

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