2012 Orbit Tower

What do these objects have in common other than the fact they can be found in amusement parks?

Nothing until now because Turner Prize winner Anish Kapoor decided to merge the two together and create what I could only describe as a helter skelter with a broken, squashed rollercoaster wrapped around it.

This is supposed to be a lasting legacy, marking the 2012 Games coming to London, I’m just thankful I don’t live in Stratford so I don’t have to see it every day on my way to work.

Boris Johnson said that this tower will rival the Eiffel Tower and maybe if you’re really drunk, squint your eyes and look at it upside down you may believe you’ve been transported to Paris by little green men. However for the completely sober and sane minded person it looks like an unfinished wreck.

Even Kapoor looks confused in this photo, what do you think?

P.s if you like it please tell me why so maybe I can enjoy it with you (just maybe).


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