Posh Copycat

Osman is a great designer with many celebrity followers including Danni Minogue, Thandie Newton, Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman and apparently Victoria Beckham.

She is such a fan that she decided to design a dress in his honour for her collection last month which looks almost identical to the dress designed by Osman in 2009.

Now we all know that fashion is a cycle and it just rejuvenates every year into a thing of beauty but this is a bit ridiculous. Even the styling is similar.

Is the Posh copycat just full of hot air or can she really design?

As for poor old Osman well he hasn’t got a penny to his name (not yet anyway), he still shares a flat with friends, he makes his own trousers, he never eats out and only goes to parties that are free, which is just tragic. On the opposite side of the coin you’ve got Posh who flopped as a singer got lucky with Beckham, landed in Beverly Hills, snapping up a $22 million house and now has become a designer and a bit of a copycat ‘Shame on you Posh!’


4 responses to “Posh Copycat

  1. I read that she borrowed the dress under the pretence that she was going to buy it, and then returned but made a version of it for her collection. The nerve! and I suppose Osman can’t afford the lawyers to go after her. life is unfair 😉

  2. What a surprise – not at least to the general public. All her designs are a rip off – this is just more blatant than usual. Osman is brilliant so hopefully it will do him some good.

  3. Word is on the grapevine?…..taken enough time hasn’t it!!!

    Looking at Osman’s fab designs. A few aothers are near the line as well!!

  4. What an awful woman. She borrowed the dress as well. I mean – god- how stupid can you get. The resemblance is uncanny. I think as penance – she should wear his clothes (far superior) for an entire year at every single red-carpet event. Poor Osman.

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