Fashion Party with the Queen

The Queen played host to the gods of fashion last night at Buckingham Palace to honour the British Fashion Industry.

Among the stars that shone on the red carpet was Zandra Rhodes who was the Gaga of the night, wearing the usual show stopping frock. Yasmin Le Bon looked stunning in her nude dress and fur coat but Erin O’Connor rocked the understated chic look and dressed stylishly for the occasion.

The Queen herself was a beacon for the British Fashion Industry being the most famous woman in Britain she wore a gold and turquoise silk brocade jacket and matching dress.

Twiggy said: ‘She is a fashion icon. Over the years she has worn some beautiful clothes.’

‘Above fashion’ was a statement made by Zandra Rhodes

One Person that didn’t exactly dress up for the occasion was David Bailey as he turned up in ripped jeans, hoody and corduroy jacket but from the look on the Queens face she didn’t seem bothered in the slightest.

Students from the Royal College of Art were privileged to show off their pieces to the fashion deities last night and they didn’t disappoint.

The Duke of Edinburgh also pointed out that most of the displays had been designed by people born outside the UK.

‘You are supposed to be supporting the British fashion industry and not one of them…’ He was soon corrected by one of the designers who was in fact British.


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