Gaga vs Beyonce- Who You Gonna Call?

So it has been the absolute talk of the town, the music video, or should we say mini-movie, for Lady Gaga and Beyonce‘s collaboration ‘Telephone’. To be honest, it’s a bit like a f*cked up comic strip come to life; with a strong dose of shameless advertising, bizarre fashion (fag glasses anyone?) and lesbian innuendo. And Gaga, we understand that you want to show the world you’re not a man, but we really don’t need to see your lady bits, thanks.

Yet despite all of this, and the amount of time spent thinking, ‘err, what?!’ it’s actually pretty fantastic. Definitely worth a watch. Love her or loathe her, you can’t help but be fascinated by the empire of Gaga. Just one thing, Beyonce looks way hotter, yes we said it. Thoughts anyone?


2 responses to “Gaga vs Beyonce- Who You Gonna Call?

  1. lindalovescoffee


  2. agreed! she looks amazing as always, Gaga needs a bit of meat on her bones she looks scrawny next to Beyonce!

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