Sex does sell or does it?

You walk into newsagents these days and on the shelf there are magazines with half naked women and not just the ‘lad mags’ on the top shelf that no one’s supposed to know are there but we all know. I’m talking about glossy mags like Vogue who had a nude image of Natalia Vodianova on the cover back in June 2009 or more recently the 3rd issue of LOVE magazine sporting 8 different covers all of which had models naked. So sex doesn’t just appeal to men but also women?

However when you have a 14ft lingerie ad on the side of London’s buses it suddenly is unacceptable, why?

The latest Emporio Armani advert featuring Megan Fox has angered the Tory MP Nadine Dorries into tabling a Bill to restrict advertisers from using graphic and erotic images.

London’s buses are prime advertising space and the sheer size of it makes it hard to miss.

Ms Dorries stated that ‘On the Armani ads you can barely see the name of the company. Everyone knows I’m not a politically correct feminist, but this is part of a wider trend towards the objectification of women.’

She did make a good point that these days children are subjected to a lot of sexual images but this ad to me, isn’t cause for concern or is that just because I’m accustom to seeing these types of images and have become immune to them?

In late 2000 the Yves Saint Laurent Opium advert caused a similar reaction with people outraged at the fact that a naked Sophie Dahl was plastered on billboards across the country and was soon banned. This action I can understand, it was fine when featured in magazines but when displayed on billboards it just looked cheap.

The Armani advert I can’t understand. If it was an image of Megan Fox wearing a bikini it wouldn’t even be deemed as remotely sexual or demeaning to women but because its lingerie and has a little bit of lace on it, suddenly us women are supposedly seen as objects and today’s children are being robbed of their youth. They see more flesh when they go on holiday to the Costa del Sol.

What should be raised is the fact that advertisers only use a certain type of model for their images and that is skinny, unhealthy women who are a walking advertisement for eating disorders.

The advertisers should also be blamed for the fact that even though these models are skinny, they aren’t skinny enough or perfect enough and then Photoshop comes into play and makes them seem perfect, feeding us a body image that doesn’t exist.

It is a vicious circle because these advertisers wouldn’t and couldn’t of got away with plastering these images everywhere if we the consumer didn’t want them. We buy the magazines with the images of naked bodies, we enjoy watching catwalks with the walking dead strutting down it and we are the first to criticise any celeb who decides they prefer to eat Krispy Kreme Doughnuts than broccoli.

So is it the consumer that should change or the advertisers? You be the judge!


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