Chanel Tattoo Launch

Yesterday we headed along to Selfridges, where the Chanel team were launching the ‘Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel‘ temporary tattoos. The gorgeous barn set from the S/S 10 show was replicated in miniature format, with flawless, smiley faced Chanel girls busy ‘inking’ people up beneath. Although the set of tattoos costs £49, we were assured that they were much higher quality than those you got free with your bubblegum aged 9. A cute and relatively cheap way to buy into the brand, we think they’ll be a big hit with you fash-addicts who maybe can’t afford a piece of Chanel couture. Offered a free demonstration, we chose to be adorned with a swallow holding a Chanel logo; and strutting around London with a little piece of Lagerfeld on our arm, we started wishing it was real, but 4 days will do for now.


One response to “Chanel Tattoo Launch

  1. pleased to say that having had the tattoo applied on Thursday evening, it showed no sign of fading at all until Monday (that’s with going out all weekend and showering each day!) , and even then it was minimal. good quality as promised x

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