Chanel Temporary Tattoos

So, as much as we cite ourselves as uber-cool London chicks, the idea of someone sticking needles in you for a prolnged amount of time is a teensy bit off-putting when it comes to getting inked up.  Transfer tattoos are an easy pain-avoiding alternative, yet they can’t help but remind us of dodgy halloween costumes and the ones you got free on a magazine aged 9. Enter Chanel. Following their S/S 10 show where the models showed off cute swallows and Chanel logo’s on their skin, the house are putting a set of transfer tattoos on sale from mid February. The tatts, called ‘Les Trompe L’oeil Chanel’ come in a set of 55 at a price of £49. Pricey yes, but at an affordable way to buy into the brand, we predict seeing them on the thighs of fashionistas everywhere…


One response to “Chanel Temporary Tattoos

  1. I just love these Chanel Transfer tattoos.. I would love to see more range of Temporary Tattoos by Chanel in near future.

    Niraj Gera

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