Love Magazine Reveal 8 Naked Covers

Brainchild of Katie Grand, Love magazine, has released it’s 3rd issue with not 1, but 8 different covers. Each features one of the world’s most ‘perfect’ bodies, including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Natalia Vodianova and Lara Stone, completely stark naked. The magazine has also printed the measurements of each girl to show how they all differ a lot from each other. It’s quite refreshing to see the girls so vulnerable, and shows us that not all beautiful girls are the same. We’re not sure we’d be too chuffed if someone printed out measurements for the world to see, but hey if you look like this lot then why not!


One response to “Love Magazine Reveal 8 Naked Covers

  1. Quadris nao muito arredondados , vem as coxas e depois um vao e comeca de novo os quadris perto dos genitais e se arredondam ate um cintura bem alta. Sao bonitas elas, mas afinal o que `e perfeicao????Depende da `epoca e ate da cidade.

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