From one extreme to the other

Last night we headed to the launch of the Nat Finkelstein exhibition at the idea generation gallery.

“Nat Finkelstein was a political activist, fugitive and veteran of the 1960s New York scene. He was one of the most respected photojournalists of modern times; renowned for his iconic and intimate documentation of Andy Warhol’s infamous Factory, and later for his political activism including an allegiance with The Black Panthers that forced him to live abroad for 15 years. Finkelstein remained at the heart of the cultural zeitgeist up until his sad death aged 76, on October 2nd 2009. This retrospective brings together Finkelstein’s diverse portfolio of work achieved across five decades: from the Factory scenes, to the civil rights and anti-war protests of mid-60s America, to his continuing exploration of the subcultures of 80s and 90s New York.”

The beautiful black and white stills of Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground and Edie Sedgwick coupled with the pictures of Finkelstein’s work in civil rights create an incredible visual experience. As we walked round the gallery we sipped on delicious complimentary mixers of absolut citron with tonic and absolut vodka with cranberry juice made by the lovely barmen, with all contributions for drinks donated to the Haiti Earthquake Crisis. The exhibition is running from the 20th January to the 14th February so make sure you get down to the Idea Generation gallery and check it out whilst you have the chance!


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