Tinsel Tip Number Four – Get Gorgeous in Grey

Everyone’s talking about the snow and love it or hate it, the potential for a white Christmas is very exciting! But here at FashAddict we think the perfect winter colour for any girl is grey: so the 4th tip on our holiday guide is to invest in some grey tones, not only is it fabulous for you to look chic over the festive period but it looks great on everyone so grey makes for perfect presents.

It’s so in this season that you can find any accessory in metallic, so you can treat your friends and family as well to guarantee you all look gorgeous this Christmas and they definitely won’t be disappointed!

The perfect item for us to recommend which you are guaranteed to dazzle in this Christmas, is our Duke & Duchess “Aliaya” top. It’s comfy and cosy, but due to the gorgeous embellished statement shoulders it can take you from day to night perfectly, if you wear it with black skinny jeans and switch from flats to boots.

“Aliaya” is available from Topshop and also our Mags & Pye Boutique in Brick Lane, so pick one up for you or as a Christmas present for a friend. Can’t wait to see all our lovely fashionistas rocking the grey look this festive season!


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