Tinsel Tip number three – Have an organised christmas!

Whether its a new years resolution for you to keep a diary, have a wardrobe clearout or start writing to do lists we all tend to start the new year with the intention of sorting out the disorganised and messy areas of our lives! Who said being organised cant be fun and pretty though? These clothes hangers and cute keyrings are available from bombay duck and we are absolutely LOVING the new pretty range for personal organisation from filofax! You have no excuse for disorganisation when you own a filofax but they have often been known to be more classic and business like in style, so we are very excited to see this gorgeous new range to choose from.

The filofax comes in three different designs and at fashaddict we are paticularly excited by the snakeskin design!

It is christmas though and we must remember Christmas is the time of giving, luckily filofax have put together this incredible “filofax beauty giftbox” which contains everything needed for a girl on the go; not only a chic filofax but also a unique perfume pen atomiser, a compact mirror and a voucher for a pampering beauty treatment. This is the perfect gift for a high flying business woman, a busy working mum or just your most scatty friend who is is in need of organisation in her life! The gift boxes are available from filofaxgifts.co.uk!


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