Why Aye Man!

Cheryl Cole, Ant & Dec, the Big Brother voice-over man, Joe McElderry, spot the link? There’s something about the Geordie accent that propels people into the hearts of the nation. London has long been established as a melting pot of talent, but it seems Newcastle is putting up a fight for the title.

So do Geordies do it best? We rounded up some up-and-coming talent from the north east, and we have to take our (very stylish) hats off to em, they’re not half bad…

The young designer- Charlotte Simpson

Charlotte graduated from Northumbria university this year, and her womenswear collection was awarded the Zandra Rhodes catwalk textiles prize at graduate fashion week. We predict big things from this girl…

The sound- Espionage of the Loc

‘A mix of mind-bending funk, rock, reggae face-melting solos, and whatever else you can think of’ or so their Myspace page says, we’re fans of the heartfelt lyrics and up-tempo beats that convey their northern charm. The band released a live album today that is FREE to download! Click here to get your hands on it.

The make-up master- Lauren Luke

Lauren started off by filming make-up tutorials and posting them on youtube. It got her noticed, really noticed, and now she has her own make-up line! Click here to have  a peek…

The face- Georgia Graham

Photos by Alan Turnbull (top) and Matt Simpson (bottom)

This young model has already appeared in mags such as Front, and is lined up for Max Power and FHM this year. We’re sure it’s a face we won’t be forgetting! Cheryl who?


3 responses to “Why Aye Man!

  1. Great article! 🙂

  2. I have to agree!

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