Killing in the Name of… Christmas?- An Update!

Midweek sales have shown that Rage Against the Machine are leaving X Factor winner Joe McElderry trailing behind in the race for Christmas number 1. However that could certainly all change as the CD version of Joe’s ‘The Climb’ hit shops today.

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills was hurled with abusive texts calling him a ‘puppet’ to Simon Cowell after he played ‘The Climb’; yet he resp0nded by questioning how he could be called a puppet by people who joined a facebook group because someone told them to…  This is getting heated!

Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine has reportedly said that he will donate whatever he earns from the battle to charity. Aww, now that’s what we call Christmas spirit!

We at FashAddict are refraining from pledging our allegiance either side, we think someone should do a Joe/Rage mash-up! But we can’t wait for Sunday to hear the result…


One response to “Killing in the Name of… Christmas?- An Update!

  1. check out this video someone’s done, hilarious!

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