Ruby and Millie ‘Scarlett and Crimson’ Launch

Last night we went along to the launch of Ruby & Millie‘s new line ‘Scarlett and Crimson‘ at Soho House. The line is aimed at a ‘tweenage’ market, but we couldn’t help going a bit gooey over it ourselves. Light and delicate with a gentle shimmer seemed to be a running motif, meaning that it would be hard for young girls to over-do it (try as they may!).

We were handed tropical-tasting cocktails, and mini red and black cupcakes baring the letters ‘S’ and ‘C’. Ruby herself was there doing makeovers on guests and was more than happy to demonstrate the new products.

The products were lovely, and came in cutesy little sets that would be perfect as a gift for our FashAddict little sisters. If she promises we can borrow them that is…

The face behind The Real Runway, with FashAddict’s Kara and Kaja, enjoying a cocktail (it is Christmas after all!).

The girls from Her Fashion Eye.

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