‘Lives of the Artists’ Premiere

Last night at Shoreditch town hall, FashAddict went to the premiere of new documentary, ‘Lives of the Artists’, a new documentary following snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue, surfers Tom Lowe and Fergal Smith, and rock band Gallows.

It really was a fascinating film, both intelligent and invigorating. You got a real adrenaline rush watching Xavier De Le Rue snowboarding to the edge of mountains.

The event was a real hit, with burlesque girls in nipple-tassles handing out free drinks (all mixed with Relentless– the sponsor) and popcorn to guests chilling out on sofas.

We managed to grab a chat with Xavier afterwards, he was charming, and we can’t believe he escaped being caught in an avalanche with nothing but a torn knee! Filthy Dukes and Black Teeth did DJ sets afterwards.

‘We can only watch, absorb and learn’ is the documentary’s tagline, but it seemed we had ‘absorbed’ more alcohol than anything else… so off we went to bed in the hope we would have dreams of hurtling down Everest, one day…

Check back here soon for some of our snaps from the event!


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