Killing In The Name Of… Christmas?

So, not long until the Christmas number 1 single of 2009 will be upon us. It seems to almost go without saying that people these days expect it to be the X Factor winner (we’re backing Olly in case you wondered).  However there seem to be a few, actually 422,521 (correct at 19.39pm Dec 8th) people who want to wipe the smug smile of Simon Cowell’s face and get Killing in the Name Of by Rage Against the Machine to Christmas number 1! A facebook group has been set up titled ‘Rage Against The Machine For Xmas No. 1’ and it’s attracting more fans by the day. DJ Greg James even played the record on Radio 1 today after being bombarded with requests.

What a way to end the decade that would be! Just imagine Grandad swigging on sherry, belting out ‘F*** you I won’t do what you tell me!’ before falling asleep on December 25th…

What do you think, would Santa make a good rocker?

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11 responses to “Killing In The Name Of… Christmas?

  1. Join us to get Rage Against the Machine to number 1!!

  2. we’ve put a link to your group where it says ‘facebook group’ in the post xx

  3. Typo in the number of members

    If only it was 4 million+!

  4. oops, sorry! fixed it now 😉 you never know 4 million could be a possibility! x

  5. Brilliant stuff, thanks for spreading the word!

  6. Simon Cowells face would be priceless, especially if Ollies against them

  7. Someone pointed out on another website that the X-Factor single will be released by SonyBMG. And RATM are signed to… SonyBMG.

    So either way, the record company wins.

  8. Sam: Haha, yeah!

    Mosh: Well, we’d rather give the royalties to the songwriters of Killing in the Name Of than to whoever wrote Miley Cyrus’s song they’re rumoured to have as the winner’s single?

  9. yeah and itunes have bumped the price from 79p to 99p… the machine always wins

  10. 29p on amazon for the explicit download

  11. It’s the thought that counts innit; Sony/BMG own a heck of a lot of music so the chances of avoiding lining their pockets are slim. Would have liked to tout a small artist who needs the leg-up, but there just isn’t a unified musical scene any more to get that kind of support for a new artist.

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