Like Boys Like Girls

Comme des Garcons is French for ‘like boys’. How ironic then that the latest product from the label, stocked at Dover Street Market, is a Barbie doll…

Comme des Garcons Barbie has come out stomping her little plastic heels in protest against the recent sell out, £100 Christian Louboutin Barbie. Comme Barbie thinks she is much edgier and cooler you see. She costs £225 and is part of the label’s ‘new nonsense’ Chrsitmas range called ‘Jingle Flowers’.

Comme des Garcons Barbie

Louboutin Barbie

Which do you prefer? Barbie is always on every little girls’ Christmas list, yet we can’t imagine Santa forking out for many of these, unless you’re a little miss Cruise or Pitt…


2 responses to “Like Boys Like Girls

  1. Comme Barbie definately the better of the two, Louboutin- Barbie has a bit too much spandex for my liking

  2. We hear ya!

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