Bye Bye Noughties, Hello ‘Jedwardian Era’!

Along with the fantastic Show:studio Fashion Revolution exhibition at Somerset House, there is a live studio space where visitors can watch fashion shoots through a two-way mirror, as well as shoots being streamed online via The most recent event is Nick Knight shooting 100 portraits for i-D magazine, and shot today were none other than Jedward (that’s the big-haired twins off the X-Factor for anyone who’s been living under a rock the past few months…). It seems the X-Factor effect has reached new levels, infiltrating even the coolest of fashion mags who previously would not have associated themselves with the reality show. Jedward recently graced the pages of Grazia too.

The shoot with Nick Knight was pure comedy genius, with Jedward giggling nose-to-nose, balancing up-side-down on a chair and even breaking into their Britney dance routine half way through. Love them or hate them these boys are infectious.

And we have to say they do actually have that handsome male-model look about them, if only we could get the image of them singing Ghostbusters out of our heads… Here’s some pics from the shoot.

And here’s the pair in Grazia…models in the making?? (Image from Grazia magazine)


2 responses to “Bye Bye Noughties, Hello ‘Jedwardian Era’!

  1. Wow, they really do look stunning.

  2. They do! A bit weird, but cute at the same time

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