Trend Tip: Don’t be scared! Hard Ware aint so hard to wear…

We Run This Town

There’s no denying it. Fashion’s getting pretty aggressive right now. If you’re not suited and booted in studs, black leather and buckles then, clearly, you’re doing something wrong. What’s up, are you scared or something? Wimps!

Okay, okay, we’re sorry… stop crying! We understand. Looking like a tough nut isn’t everyone’s style. That’s why us lot here at FashAddict wanted to give you a few pointers on how to inject a little bit of ‘HardWare’ into your life whilst still retaining the air of an… ahem… delicate flower.

For tips on looking fierce, you need look no further than the We Run This Town video featuring Rihanna looking amazing in studded specs and Jay Z accessorising with an ammo belt (above). If sporting a load of bullets makes you a little uncomfortable (what’s up with you? Not into glamourising violence?) then go for something that at least looks a bit metallic and in-your-face. We love our Duke & Duchess Jada dress for its feisty neckline teamed with feminine drapes and sexy straps.Duke & Duchess Jada

It’s the perfect mix of strong and sweet! And as you get braver, you can start adding extra punky accessories, like studded wrist bands and chunky heels. We’ve been watching Lady Gaga’s Love Game video (below) for accessorising tips. There’s belts and buckles galore!

Lady Gaga Lovegame

Love her or hate her, you can’t argue that one thing Gaga understands is how a hot pair of legs can bring the fierce factor to any ensemble. But we’ll admit it, even we are too chicken to don chain-mail knickers and leave our skirts at home on a night out (dancing atop cars in parking lots… as you do). No, we’d much rather get our pins out in a pretty playsuit.

Chandelier Matilda

Like this one! It’s the Matilda playsuit from our lovely label Chandelier and it’s cute and girly and silky and flirty BUT there are those hard embellishments again! This time the studs are on the all-important shoulders, the one place you need to be accentuating right now!

Madonna Balmain

Ahhh, the shoulder trend… blame it on the Balmain! Of course, ‘hard shoulders’ are another thing you need to master if you are wanting to look your fiercest this season. Check out Madonna writhing around in Balmain in her new ‘Celebration’ video to see the power of the power shoulder and, of course, Madge throwing some crazy shapes!

Beyonce Lady GaGa

Speaking of crazy shapes, it’s not just shoulders that are getting all angular. Strong silhouettes are key in nailing this ‘Hard-Ware’ trend, so don’t forget to kit yourself out in a couple of tin-foil triangles and strike a pose a la Beyonce and Gaga! Or, for the more demure amongst you, our lovely Duke & Duchess Honor jacket cuts quite a fierce silhouette AND nails the shoulder trend. Also, for the REALLY demure amongst yu, the shoulder pieces are attached with poppers, so you can take them off if you’re ever having a bad shoulder day!

Va Vizuri Jacket

All clothes are available from Topshop Oxford St and Mags & Pye Boutique on Brick Lane!

If you are in need of any more inspiration on how to show off your hard side, then have a gander at Look Book where the stylistas over there can show you how it’s done! Here’s a few of our faves; I Can’t Help Myself / But I Love The Bones Of You / When They Fight, They Fight / In The Goth Gang / Wild Child / Simple Studs


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