Blog Crush: ‘Get Your Plane Right On Time’

We had the pleasure of bumping in to Dennis Swiatkowski at the London Fashion Week Estethica exhibition. Whilst he was there working for the Environmental Justice Foundation, which we pointed you to in our tee shirt blog post, he also told us about his own blog ‘Get Your Plane Right On Time‘.

‘Get Your Plane…’ is a diverse place to stop by at, with Dennis having the eye of a style magpie; picking out music videos, editorials and street snaps for our perusal… all accompanied by specially selected tunes and his own stunning photography. As Dennis says, it’s “A journey into a potpourri of fashion, film, music, observation and city-hopping” – and city hopping is right! He’s only just arrived in London from the Netherlands and will be staying for just 6 months. We’re looking forward to seeing the street styles Dennis captures here in that time, since his ones from LFW (shown here) are so great!


One response to “Blog Crush: ‘Get Your Plane Right On Time’

  1. Thanks for the shout out and crush! 🙂

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