Trend Tip: Fringe Benefits

We were absolutely stunned when we first saw this street style pic (above) back in August on one of our favourite fashion blogs ‘Pepper and Chips’. Not only is the image perfect – gorgeous girl, gorgeous style – the fringed shoulder detail just felt so very Right Now. We’d already seen plenty of power shoulders and, quite frankly, were desperate to see where this shoulder obsessed trend might evolve to.

Chandelier Fringe

We love this new direction for shoulders, as fringing is probably one of the least scary ways to emphasise the area (we can’t all get away with Balmain pointy pads!) and it can be done in many different ways. Take, for example, our gorgeous Chandelier waistcoat (now available in TopShop Oxford Street!) where the fringing is actually made up of strips of mesh – woven on top for structure and then allowed to fall loose for a feminine look.

Michael Jackson Fringe

In our last trend tip, we mused on whether the new popularity in sequins is all a bit of a tribute to MJ – but with fringed shoulders there really is no doubt that people are reflecting the late King of Pop’s style! Take a look at Sharon G (above right) over on with her ensemble entitled Stranger in Moscow (no less!) for the proof!

Sequin Dress

Like the waistcoat we’ve already mentioned, this Chandelier dress also ticks both trends of sequins and shoulder embellishment – although the fringing is only on the one side, giving a more modern, quirky look.

Fringe Satin

But we haven’t forgotten about the most delicate fringing here at FashAddict, oh no! Fringe works perfectly with lace and satin, hence why we created this evening vest (above left). It can be dressed up or down… We love how Chiara F over at teams her sophisticated black top with cut off denims in her look Night-out (above right).

Fringe Accessories Beyonce Rihanna Micha

If you’re feeling a little freaked out by the fringe (although it is such an easy addition to your wardrobe that you really needn’t be!) then why no consider just doing a little taster with a fringed accessory a la Micha Barton, Beyonce and Rihanna?

If you are in need of any more inspiration on how to get some fringe in to your life, then have a gander at Look Book where the stylistas over there can show you how it’s done! Here’s a few of our faves; Mia L / Keep Your Fingers Crossed Baby /Fringe Benefits / Fredzelki / A lot of people… / Fringe Fringe Fringe Oh Yes!


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