LFW: Vivienne Westwood Melissa Shoes

Vivienne Westwood Melissa 1

Regular FashAddict followers will be well aware that I really like Vivienne Westwood Melissa Shoes. And I mean REALLY like them! So can you imagine the heart palpitations I was experiencing when I came across the Melissa Shoes stand at the London Fashion Week exhibition and saw Viv’s new pretty plastics range? I was like a kid in a candy store! So, I just thought I’d share the gorgeousness. Enjoy!

Vivienne Westwood Melissa 2

Vivienne Westwood Melissa 3

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Shoes 4

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Shoes Display

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Wellys

Vivienne Westwood Iridescent Melissa Shoes

Vivienne Westwood Pegasus Melissa Shoes

Vivienne Westwood Button Wellys

Melissa Shoes London Fashion Week Stand

Melissa Shoes Stand London Fashion Week


9 responses to “LFW: Vivienne Westwood Melissa Shoes

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  2. Hi! I was searching the internet for Melissa shoes shops in London but found just online shops and now I’m at this blog 🙂

    I’m writing from Ukraine but soon I will be in London (UK) for holidays. Maybe you can tell me where I can by Melissa shoes in London?

    Thank you in advance,

  3. Hi Lena,

    You can get hold of Melissa shoes at http://www.asos.com (who also stock FashAddict labels) and they ship to the Ukraine!

    Hope that helps x

  4. Or when you’re in London you can go to the Vivienne Westwood shop, on Conduit Street x

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  6. nawal alshamlan

    please send me the adress of melissa shop in london

  7. Yes, please! Send me the adress of melissa shop in London as well! Would be so so so grateful!

  8. The Vivienne Westwood shoes are so different and all they have a different style. For who like good shoes with style, all the models that she created in partnership with Melissa Shoes, are a good choice.
    I’m addicted in Melissa shoes. I love it!


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