LFW: We Love Tee Shirts!

London Fashion Week Tees

This innovative display of tee-shirts at 180 The Strand really caught our eye. We’re kinda wishing we could store our own tee-shirts in such a spacious way, rather than having to shove them all into a little pile at the bottom of our wardrobes! Oh well, just goes to show that fashion really can be art – you just have to display it the right way…

We especially love ‘number 26′ (below’), a collaboration between Luella and the charity Environmental Justice Foundation – who use their fashion forward organic, fair trade cotton tees as a reminder to us consumers that we must pick our cotton carefully. EJF is committed to eradicating child labour and the deadliest pesticides from cotton production and promoting organic alternatives. Check out their site for more information.

London Fashion Week Tees

London Fashion Week Tees

London Fashion Week Tees


2 responses to “LFW: We Love Tee Shirts!

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  2. I recently opened a Cafe Press shop, you might want to check it out! (especially if you like blonde jokes…..

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