Trend Tip: Lace Provocateurs


Madonna’s been getting a bit of stick today for daring to turn up at the Marc Jacobs show at New York Fashion Week wearing a revealing lace skirt whilst apparently being the ‘wrong’ side of 50 . Well, “Whatevs!” we say! Okay, so if one of our Mum’s was sporting a similar outfit, we might be a tad embarrassed but, come on – this is Madonna! What did you expect from her? Being a provocateur is all part of the job description! And talking of provocateurs in lace….


Whilst everyone else’s VMA focus was on Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s ‘moment’ at the awards ceremony, we were busy devouring Lady Gaga’s many outlandish lacey costume changes. Okay, so maybe lace mickey mouse ears and um, lace…err…flames (?) are a step too far for our own wardrobes but, love her or hate her, Lady Gaga certainly makes a fascinating clothes horse. Even Madonna is enjoying the spectacle, saying of her style: ‘She looks like she’s going to carnival in Venice, very beautiful.’


Okay, so it looks like lace is going to BIG, but perhaps you’re not convinced by Madge and Gaga’s attempts at the trend? We wouldn’t blame you, to be honest, which is why we want to show you some subtler ways to wear it. Take our Duke and Duchess Lace crop jacket (above centre). Now, you could wear it with just pants and heels, as the model has done above with a similar lace jacket from Stella McCartney OR it would look fab smartening up a rocky old band tee or adding just the right amount of sexy cover up to a LBD.


Speaking of ‘cover up’, the more modest amongst you will do well to remember that a lace skirt is always safer with a lining. Whilst Madonna may not know it, Tricia G over at certainly does and looks gorgeously girly and womanly all at once in her ensemble (above left). We know it here at FashAddict too, which is why our Duke and Duchess lace skirt (above right) is fully lined.


If you are ever in need of any tips on how to do Lady-like lace with a twist, then look no further than Jean Paul Gaultier – who loves lace so much that it often adorns the bottles of his ‘Classique’ perfume! When promoting The Dark Knight in Tokyo, Maggie Gyllenhaal chose a bright lace number from JPG. The colour kept it fresh, the matching bra and nude slip kept it classy!

Kylie Minogue is another classy lass, and clearly a fan of JPG since she chose to wear a vintage black lace cone-bra dress from the designer when she went to view his haute couture show at Paris Couture Week AW09. The shape was classic, but the cowboy pattern meant it had a sense of fun. It just goes to show, lace needn’t be as stuffy as your gran’s downstairs-loo curtains!


Here at FashAddict we, like the rest of the world, have our eyes closely trained on what’s going on right now at NYFW and when we saw Jill Stuart’s Ready To Wear Spring/Summmer 2010 show, we liked what we saw! It seems Stuart is really into lace right now, and pops panels of it into her glistening dresses for added fun!


Lace inserts, especially in jersey (American Apparel style!), can look both youthful and sexy. It’s all about playful seduction and peek-a-boo, as Jessica T over on shows us! If you want to show a hint of shoulder, then this FashAddict dress (above right) will do just the trick! After all, it is all about shoulders this season…


Yep, power shoulders show no sign of going away. Even when lace is involved, power shoulders are still possible! Back over at Jill Stuart’s show, she was doing puff sleeves whilst, here at Fash Addict, we’ve been injecting a pop of colour into our Duke and Duchess cream lace dress with pink shoulder pads! The dress is now available on ASOS so now there’s no excuse to rock a bit of lace!

If you are in need of any more inspiration on how to be a lacy lady, then have a gander at Look Book where the stylistas over there can show you how it’s done! Here’s a few of our faves; OhBaby… / TheBestThriftedOutfit… / YouAreMyJail… / BowTieHeadBand / HeartItRaces,Alone / THU12.25 / AndIfTheStarsEverFell… / ToBeHome

2 responses to “Trend Tip: Lace Provocateurs

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  2. I spotted someone wearing that Duke&Duchess Lace skirt outside Somerset House the other day and wondered where she got it – well now i know – what a beauty!

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