Street Style Sunday – Venice Edition!

Street Style Sunday takes a wee bit of a narcissistic turn today! Lucky FashAddict team member Sarah took a trip to Venice this week, and was even luckier because she got to take a few pieces from the lovely labels at FashAddict along with her!

Duke and Duchess Waistcoat

Venetians know their lace (local island, Burano, is famous for it!) so this gorgeous Duke and Duchess waist coat (above and below), with its delicate lace panelled back, must have fit right in!

Duke and Duchess Waistcoat 2

Fitting in is all well and good for sun-set watching, but sometimes you want to grab a little attention! Apparently this bright floral To Love Kuvaa halterneck playsuit caused quite a stir on the stradas of Venezia; Sarah says her ensemble was greeted with an incredibly shocked expression from a passing nun!

To Love Kuvaa Playsuit

More Street Style next week, when we take a peek at what you’ve been sporting this Summer!


2 responses to “Street Style Sunday – Venice Edition!

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  2. Wow. Absolutely stunning little outfits Sarah xxx

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