Trend Tip: Roll Your Sleeves Up!

As Alexa Chung demonstrated to us back in February, adopting a ‘Rosie the Riveter’ pose for The Guardian, the *ahem* (clears-throat-for-gravitas) ‘current economic climate’ means that the time is right for us ladies to get involved, muck-in and roll up them sleeves! Back in Rosie’s day, women were pulling together for the war effort. In Alexa’s day – um… NOW – The Guardian was seemingly encouraging women to pull together and buy more British high-end designer togs in order to boost the economy. Come On Girls! To The Shops!

Hmmmm… not the easiest advice to take when a lot of British women barely have enough money for their weekly shop at Tescos, let alone a spending spree in Stella McCartney. So let’s forget all that gubbins and concentrate instead on that one little aesthetic gem conveyed in the Guardian piece; Rolling Your Sleeves Up.


After all, it costs nowt to update your look with a simple roll of the sleeve. But wait! We don’t advise rolling up just any old sleeves, of course. If this is all about the *ahem* (clears throat again) ‘economic downturn’ then we need to think specifically about those sleeves on your best  jacket. Why? Well, the idea is to look smart and professional yet ready to get your hands dirty in the name of economic growth – the look is essentially based on a super stressed big city bankster getting down to work!

Above – We love this geeky look from, entitled ‘School is Almost Out’ . Alexa Chung, Queen of the nonchalant blazer, shows that We Really Can Do it if we follow her fashion forward footsteps. Get her Old-Boys-Club style with this Va Vizuri brass buttoned blazer, available soon from the FashAddict website!


Just because you’re taking your style inspiration from a slightly conservative reference point, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Add a quirky hat and feminine skirt, a la SoLongOldBean, or take the formal feel down a few notches with shorts and bare legs, like MJNews and HotMeHotPants (all from LookBook). Rihanna knows that a feminine cut is uber-flattering… but if we were to covet any jacket to scrunch the sleeves of, it would be a super-power shouldered zebra print Balmain!


Speaking of prints, a girly floral lining always lifts an outfit – as Pixie Lott knew when she wore our very own Duke and Duchess Eddie blazer. And with a lining this pretty, it would be criminal not to roll up your sleeves!


But why save florals just for the lining? Above on the left is our new Duke and Duchess floral update of the classic D&D boyfriend blazer on the right. We think it’s gorgeous, and would brighten any Autumn day. Still, we still love our classic blazer, which was featured in ASOS’s ‘Boyfriend Blazer’ trend report – where they also advised that we ‘roll up those sleeves for nonchalant cool’. So now there’s no excuse! Get Rolling, Girls!

If you are in need of any more inspiration on how to roll up those sleeves, then have a gander at Look Book where the stylistas over there can show you how it’s done! Here’s a few of our faves; ‘Billie Jean‘ / ‘Stripes‘ / ‘Knee High‘ / ‘Stranger in Moscow


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  1. i lyk the dresses of roll up sleeve

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