“These Shoes Rule!”


Here at FashAddict, we adore going on and on about clothes… maybe you’ve noticed? Anyway, we think it’s important to let you know that we’re not completely one sided individuals – we do have other interests too! Like, SHOES!

Okay, really… I am just kidding but, for the purpose of this post, shoes are where it’s at. After all, what could be more enjoyable than a relaxing  Bank Holiday Monday spent doing a spot of shoe shopping?

So, I went down to our lovely Mags & Pye Boutique on Brick Lane (where all shoes are now £25 in the Sale!) to have a little browse, which then turned into a little impromtu fashion shoot with shop manager Paz. How great is his photo, with the Mags & Pye ampersand, above?

Multi-Strap Sandals

I’m loving these Romanesque multi-strap sandals… the hard metal studs bring these ‘Glads’ bang up to date. It’s all about the ‘Hard-Ware’ right now, and we’ll have more on that in a future trend tip!

Also these platform heels, below, are fabulous too… there’s just something a bit Zesty about them, don’t you think?


Okay, well I had best stop banging on about shoes, lest I start sounding like YouTube superstar Kelly, below (listen to her ‘Shoes’ song from about 1 min in!)

Happy Bank Holiday Monday, everyone!


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