The other half of the most ridiculously good looking couple in fiction…

On a wander around Chelsea on a sunny Friday afternoon, the cover of Dazed & Confused caught my eye in the window of Borders, the drop dead gorgeous one from Twilight…nope not Robert Pattinson, his co-star Kristen Stewart ; I hadn’t noticed the beauty of this girl before! Maybe it’s just due to my growing obsession with the Twilight books/film but she needs to get as much credit as Pattinson does…and I think thats exactly whats gonna’ happen! I guess we have Dazed to thank for this….


And if that doesn’t make you quite jealous enough, lets remind ourselfs who her ‘on screen’ boyfriend is….


She also has a rather enviable style too …


And last but not least, if your as big a Twilight fan as we are, here is the designer Monique lhuillie’s impression of how Bella’s wedding dress would look…



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