Pixie Lott’s ‘Boys And Girls’ Style


As we’re sure you’re well aware, us lot here at FashAddict love us a bit of Pixie Lott! So, naturally, we’ve been glued to her new video for ‘Boys And Girls’ – not just because it’s a catchy tune but also because there’s some great style going on.

We heard a rumour that the vid was filmed close to us in the Shoreditch area, and we wouldn’t be surprised since the whole cast of the video look like the East London trendy folk we know and love.


We knew Pixie Lott was a fab fashionista already but in this vid, she really steps it up a notch! She’s even kitted out in a Christopher Kane Monkey Tee, for goodness sake!


Okay, so maybe we can’t all afford a tee from Rihanna’s favourite designer Christopher Kane. But perhaps, in these strapped-for-cash times, we can improvise… a big bit of kitchen foil, scrunch it in the middle, and voila! A big shiny bow!


After all, over-sized accessories are a must! Whether they be Golden Hair Bows or Cups and Saucers. Oooh it’s like an English version of a Dita Von Teese show! Don’t go giving Lady GaGa any ideas, Pixie! You know how she loves a good English Cuppa!


Okay, okay. Enough silliness! Seriously, there are some easy ways to get a bit of Pixie’s ‘Boys And Girls’ style. For example, we’re loving how Pixie has toughened up her look with studded leather jackets (fist pic) and little biker waistcoats. We reckon that Pixie would love this Va Vizuri denim waistcoat (below) with tough square studs available now exclusively in Mags & Pye Boutique (it’ll also be available to buy soon from our FashAddict website).


It’s the little things that make Pixie’s style stand out from the crowd…so if you’re looking to grab just a little bit (not a Lott, groan!) of her look then start with some accessories.  We recommend Barry M Nail Polish (£3)  in Acid Yellow, Bow Tie Ring (£9) from Tatty Devine, Sequined Leopard print pants (£25) from Topshop and Studded Heels (£25) from Mags & Pye Boutique.


Cheers for all the style ideas, Pixie! Looking forward to your next video for more!


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