Bumping into the Bubble

Susie BubbleThere are so, so many great things about living near Brick Lane; there’s a thriving cultural community to immerse yourself in, an ever-changing graffiti landscape, twenty four hour bagels and, of course, all those retro stores and wonderful boutiques!

The thing that really makes Brick Lane a bit of a gem, however, is it’s vibrant Sunday Market….. And a visit to that market suddenly gets a damn site more exciting when you wake up, check twitter and realise that fashion blogger extra-ordinare, Susie Bubble, will be spending her day there in a temporary role of market stall holder!

Susie had broken the news on her blog just the day before, demurely telling her readers that she was selling off the ‘shit-pit’ of her wardrobe (which apparently contained a Viktor & Rolf dress and Eley Kishimoto shoes!!!). I’m crap at catching up with blogs at the weekend though, so my heart sank when I woke on the Sunday to get ready for my week-end job, turned on my twitter and saw Susie’s tweet saying; “shit….sale cancelled….council has come in to turf us out….”

Realising what it all meant, and that I’d missed it all, I headed off to work a bit disappointed. But I still kept an eye out. Just in case.

Good job I did, because there was Susie – still going strong on her stall and looking fab as ever. Being now late for work I only had time to say hello and take a quick street-style snap… no time to browse the supposed ‘shit pit’, sadly, as I’m sure there were some great pieces in there. One gal’s trash is another gals treasure, after all!

Susie was very sweet and happy enough to be papped and have a chat with a star-struck fan. Yep, I was a little nervous and star-struck – what can I say? I love her blog ! But it’s so embarrassing to get nervous around people you admire, isn’t it? I remember meeting Vivienne Westwood when I was 17 and I just turned into a complete gibbering wreck. I think I said something super-intelligent and insightful , like “Your work is amaaaaaziiiing!”

So, despite being worried about scary council men moving her on it appears Susie had a great day of being a market trader. Just don’t give up your day job, Susie, please! Us loyal followers would miss your pearls of fashion wisdom far too much!


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