La Belle et la Boutique

Here’s just a little snap of one of our regular customers browsing in our Mags & Pye Boutique on Brick Lane… thought you might appreciate the effort she makes when she comes out to shop with us, before she pops off to start her shift working in the local Tescos.


Just kidding! We recently uneartheared this lovely shot taken in our Brick Lane boutique by none other than our very own Paz. See, he’s a man of many talents!

The rather gorgeous gal is, of course, a model – but that’s not to say that our regular customers aren’t just as gorgeous! Angela Carney made her up and she’s wearing a To Love Kuvaa dress from S/S 08, so no wonder she looks fabulous.

Here at FashAddict, we think it’s a perfect image of our little shop and captures it’s Belle Epoque style beautifully. Ooh la la! We’d love for all our shopping trips to mirror those of Marie Antoinette (below),  so we hope to provide a little bit of that je ne sais quoi in Mags & Pye!


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