Tower Hamlets Summer Uni Showcase

Tower Hamlets Model Pose

Check out these awesome up-and-coming models I bumped into today at Spitalfields market! Thankfully they were only to happy to pose for me.

Tower Hamlets Model Duo

Tower Hamlets Model Style

Of course, these models weren’t just posing around the market, looking fabulous and idly waiting for a Storm scout to trip over them. No, these soon-to-be-famous gals and guys were part of the Tower Hamlets Summer Uni showcase that was taking place within the market all evening. They had been learning all their strutting skills at THSU over a free 5 day course, coming out the other side as qualified cat-walkers. The showcase was their time to shine.

Tower Hamlets Uni Models

And shine, they did… all whilst wearing amazing original garments that were designed by the young (we’re talking 16 to 19 year olds!) Fashion and Textiles Academy students at Tower Hamlets Summer Uni. These talented young things created their catwalk collections in just 4 weeks, under the watchful eyes of A Team Arts and Burberry. With mentors like that, no wonder the finished garments were so accomplished! If they can do this at such a tender young age then these designers definitely seem destined to go far.

Tower Hamlets yound street dancers

Once the fashion was over there was still plenty more to see – with urban poetry, drama performances and street dancing from a crew all aged between 11 and 14 (above)….Aaww! After the ‘Come Dancing’ course’s performance (below) my camera ran out of juice, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to imagine the Bollywood/Michael Jackson Thriller dance that was performed by students of the Urban Dance Fusion course!

Tower Hamlets Come Dancing

For me, the highlight of the whole event was the section where students of the ‘How to DJ’ course took to the decks. Even though they’d only had one week to learn how to mix, they still managed to whip the crowd into a frenzy – starting an impromptu dance-off which soon became an impromtu conga line! Brilliant!

Wow, if I was a bright young thing I would so be signing up for a course next Summer (yes, I’m feeling old right now)! Thanks Tower Hamlets Summer Uni students for a great evening and we wish you all the best for your futures!


One response to “Tower Hamlets Summer Uni Showcase

  1. yep i agree, saw the catwalk models strutting their stuff absolutely amazing….if only someone from coco channel was there!

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