Ronx – Brick Lane Fame


Okay, so this is weird. Tonight I had wanted to tell you a little bit more about street style blog Street Peeper, which we used as a reference for our Sailor Style Trend Tip (because, as you know, we love our blogs here at FashAddict). Well, whilst I was perusing the pics from good old London town, what should I notice but one reoccurring face? A face I recognise from real life too… a super-stylish girl I often see cycling up and down Brick lane, or having a ball with some friends round the Truman Brewery. Even in my local neighbourhood of cutting-edge-fashion-forward-folk, this girl is hard to miss.


Her name is Ronx- and I only know this because I saw a photo of her recently in a Street Style piece for The London Paper. Or The Lite… or whatever. It was strange to see her there, with her name printed alongside a mini interview. I remember pointing out the picture to some (unimpressed, if I’m honest) friends and saying “I see this girl round where I live ALL the time, it’s crazy! And now she’s in the paper!!!”

Recognising someone, seeing them often and knowing their name feels a bit stalkerish, to tell you the truth. And writing this blog only makes that feeling worse. But it seems I’m not alone in knowing who this very local style icon is; if you check out the comments over on Street Peeper you’ll see all sorts of over-familiar comments along the lines of – “Ronx is Rockin”, “OMG its Ronx again!” and even “I’ve seen her before in Brick Lane on a beautiful bicycle!”


You know how Andy Warhol once said that, in the future, everyone would be famous for 15 minutes? And then some bright spark recently figured that, with social networking and blogging and such, the reality is more like people are famous to 15 other people. I think this could be a perfect example of that…

Or perhaps we need a new unit of measurement? Famous for 15 outfits? Famous within a 15 metre radius? Famous within a limit of 15 street style pictures?


Here are some of Ronx’s street style images over on StreetPeeper. I’m willing to bet there’s more – on that site and others – but I won’t go looking for them… I feel like enough of a stalker already.


4 responses to “Ronx – Brick Lane Fame

  1. Yeah, she’s pretty cool! She was at the door at the first FashBash in Shoreditch Studios actually, and she’s so easy to recognise with those glasses and shaved head. She’s definitely got a unique style.

  2. That’s so cool! Had no idea!

    Yeah, love her style….we need more people like her who make bold style statements, it brightens our world!

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  4. More than just cool – brilliant her style -love it !!!

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