Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony


Hot dang! Chloe Sevigny is so hot right now! And not just because she is super hot (which she, undeniably, is) but also because her new fashion range for Opening Ceremony which will drop into Selfridges, London soon! The his and hers range features great staples for the colder months, with all pieces being uni-sex so that you and your boyf. will have to sniff the armpits of each garment to tell your clothes apart (hmm… is that Lynx or Impulse?)



Want a closer look at those multi-buckle kinky wedged boots? We’re not surprised! Here ya go….

Delicious ain’t they? Apparently Chloe has been stomping all round New York in these tough nuts. They are available in-store at Selfridges from today, so you too can attempt such an ankle breaking activity by parting with just…ahem…£375.

Oh well, so we may not all be able to afford her apparel, but at least we can still look up to her as a fantastic actress (please watch Boys Don’t Cry NOW, if you haven’t already) and a most spectacular clothes horse! We love that she’s clearly a girls girl when it comes to dressing up; though the average heterosexual male may love her raw sex appeal (and be fans of that scene in Brown Bunny) , we’re willing to bet that there’s no way they truly ‘get’ her quirky sense of style. Still, there’s no harm in asking the man in your life for a little gift of Chloe style in the form of, say, some multi-buckle kinky wedged boots… now is there?

Here’s to you, Chloe, Queen of the hipsters!


2 responses to “Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

  1. I love this girl!!

  2. So glad you’re sharing in the love, Naoimh! I think I love her even more now I’ve seen her in that Beck video too… Suddenly I want a fringed flapper dress! x

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