We love Yvan Rodic’s (other) Blog!

Yvan Rodic Tights

Here at FashAddict, we like nothing better than a brilliant blog. We have our faves (Luxirare, FashBashSoundClash and StyleBubble, naturally!)  sure, but – like all fickle fashion types – we always have one eye out for a new nugget of blog candy.

After discovering TheStreetHearts just recently, we were super happy… but we were still hungry for more beautiful blogging treasures. Many thanks, then, to Yvan Rodic a.k.a the FaceHunter whose recent tweet brought his personal photo blog to our attention!

We already know that Rodic has a great eye, but with this personal blog it becomes obvious that his passions stretch beyond fashion and style! All things aesthetically wonderful and interesting make their way on to the blog, each one beautifully captured in Rodic’s photography. Lots to see, nowt to read….aah it’s the perfect place for  procastination inspiration!

Go look, you’ll love it too! – http://www.yvanrodic.blogspot.com/

Yvan Rodic Hearts

Yvan Rodic Shoes

Yvan Rodic Geek Girl

Yvan Rodic Movement


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