Trend Tip: Hello Sailor!


All the nice girls love a sailor, right? Well, the number of ladies we’re seeing around sporting stripey tops (a la Ms Moss, above) right now, it seems to be true! But Sailor chic doesn’t just stop at the striped tee…no, you can go all out with your Sailor style. And why not? It’s a great look, after-all; one that can look completely classy and classic (Kenzo’s Spring 2006 floor length frock, above, being the perfect example) or fun, quirky and youthful (like Maria from Oslo at over on the right).


We’re pretty sure that this passion for all things nautical has been sparked by the release of biopic  ‘Coco Avant Chanel’ starring Audrey Tautou (above left) as the iconic queen of couture. You’ve got to admit that there’s something undeniably sexy about a woman in traditional mens workwear… something that this look (above right) from, entitled ‘Can’t Go Back‘, displays down to a – ahem – tee.

The look can be cute and ultra feminine too, however, like the ‘Nelly’ dress (above centre) from our very own label Chandelier’s spring summer collection. Just choose a striped dress, rather than a tee, and switch navy for pastel blues.


Pride Magazine have caught on to the nautical trend in their ‘ Ship Ahoy!’ fashion shoot this month. They chose the ‘Gracie’ dress from our label Va Vizuri (above left)  and we think it’s a great example of that girly, quirky way to wear this look. If you’re style is more tom-boy, however, then why not try a pair of denim shorts with your striped sweater, like this fashionista in ‘Follow The Black Backpack‘ (above right). Or then, of course, there’s Kenzo again (centre) giving us a lesson in lady-like classic tailoring. Coco would love that jacket, dontcha think?

If you are in need of any more inspiration on how to rock some nautical stripes, a la Coco, then take a trip over to Look Book where the stylistas over there can show you how it’s done! Here’s a few of our faves; ‘Hot Child In The City‘ / ‘B&W‘ / ‘Away!‘ / ‘I Love You Too‘ / ‘Smiley‘ / ‘Crazy In Pink‘ / ‘Stripes


5 responses to “Trend Tip: Hello Sailor!

  1. I love the sailor/nautical style! It’s so classic and fresh; plus you don’t need a lot of other embellishments for it to look great.

  2. Striped tees are such a classic basic, love them. That 2006 Kenzo dress is amazing!

  3. I hope the nautical trend stays a little longer! (:

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  5. Yeah, She’s Dressing Up – since writing this blog I’ve seen more and more striped Tees out and about! I think I’ve got to add one to my own wardrobe…such a classic, as you say.

    And I have to agree D.S. – but if you DID want to accessorise I reckon this would be perfect;

    And Glamtings, I hear ya!

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! x x x

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